Welcome to the Missoula Round Robin Quilters’ Blog. We have pictures of our progress on our round robin quilts. We have two groups going. The first group is Bonnie, Kathy, Paula, Robin and Michelle. The second group is Sue, Chris, Peggy, Barb and Cynthia. Check out our progress. Michelle


Here are the final rounds of our round robin which we started (to plan) a year ago. We are suprised at how they turned out. We are impressed with our talents. We are pleased that we tried new skills. And now, what will we do to finish our rounds? In the mean time, enjoy the pictures. Michelle

Here we are at the start of a new year. I wonder what quilting adventures this year will bring! My group is planning to exchange the final rounds on Jan 21, a couple of Santa’s elves needed some recouperation time. Sue’s group has been done with their rounds for quite some time, but going on to another project. The best new year to all! Michelle

It’s the holidays. Sue’s group is done while my group is busy with other holiday projects. A couple of us are done, Bonnie and myself. I think after the holidays we will finish our rounds and have new pictures to post. This whole project has been more than I could have imagined. I hope the New Year brings more projects, more ideas and more rounds. Merry Christmas to all. Michelle

Well, we did it.  After five months we’ve finished our rounds.  We had such a great time that we’ve decided to do a “Red Herring Row Robin”  Stay tuned after January 2009 to see just what that is!!!  Sue, Peggy, Chris, Cynthia, Barb and we are going to add Sharon to our next go-around. Sue

I have added pictures of the quilters in our first group, Bonnie, Kathy, Paula, Robin and Michelle. We have some of the last rounds done and others will be done after the holiday season.